Every flavor is exciting and unique! The best cookies I’ve ever had, not even kidding. Every bite is a treat.


Simmer & Bloom cookies are out of this world! I sent samplers as holiday gifts and they were a major hit. They travel well, keep well, but mostly, they taste fantastic.


Cardamom ginger is 💋 😻 🧡  sweet with a little spice, shortbread texture just mwah.


The simmer and bloom cookies are PERFECT for a sweet cap on every meal !!!!


I’ve never had such a unique cookies - it’s chewy, tart, nutty, crisp, pink… I absolutely love it


You have have a great product, and your website is perfect and so easy to use. I was able to track my cookies along the way!!!🍪🍪🍪🍪


I absolutely loved my cookies! The dark chocolate was rich and the rosemary took the taste to another level!


Truly the best cookies, the Lavender + Orange sent me to the English countryside.


Welcome to S&B