Our Story     Founders 

We are the co-founders of Simmer & Bloom, the first women-run herbal bakery and lifestyle brand that is devoted to infusing the delicious flavor and power of everyday herbs, flowers, and spices into all of our baked goods.

Maya Ling (b. London, 1999) is most likely in the kitchen eating yogurt and drinking maple syrup. She is inspired by the seashores of St. Ives. She is guilty of enjoying the most unfeigned love stories one can tell and is always satisfied by a good conversation filled with inquiries and reveals. You can find her with her hands on the potter's wheel, bookmarking recipes to make, or writing random thoughts down in another empty Google doc. Her favorite S & B cookie is hibiscus + black sesame as a cure for hanger. 

Emily Egan (b. Bayport, 1998) can be caught with her face in the sunshine or holding a small mug of oolong tea that somehow lasts for hours. She is most alive when asking you a question and most curious about any artistic process. She gets enamored by flipping through art books with equal amounts of writing and imagery. You can find her riding her bike down coastal roads with a tote bag strapped across her chest. Her favorite S & B cookie is rosemary + dark chocolate, enjoyed by candlelight.