Where is your shop?

We don’t have one! We operate out of a kitchen in Portland, Maine. We want to grow with demand and keep our community blooming and vast. For us, our online shop is the perfect home.

Can I order large amounts of your cookies?

Yes! We’d love to fulfill all of your herbal cookie needs, get in touch with us HERE and we can work with you on any type of order you can dream up.

What does Herbally Infused mean?

Herbal baking is the process we use to infuse our baked goods with fresh herbs, flowers, and spices. We simmer our herbs in butter to bloom and activate their aromatic qualities. After the butter is infused, the herbs are incorporated into the dough to deliver the full flavors and extra benefits of phytochemicals such as antioxidants.

How long do your cookies last for?

Simmer & Bloom cookies can be stored in their bag or an airtight container, at room temperature, for three weeks.

Who is behind your fun logo and color scheme?

We worked with designer extraordinaire, Jonnea Herman!

Do you have any allergy friendly cookies? Vegan options?

Coming soon...

What about Cannabis?

All herbs have flavor and medicinal benefits that we aim to celebrate in our baked goods. Currently, we have not found a sustainable or legal pathway to selling cannabis infused baked goods.