Our Story     Founders 

When we met at Skidmore College, we could have never guessed where this friendship would take us – from roommates to co-founders. As a certified health coach and published recipe tester, we have been educated on the importance of good ingredients, the process of cooking as a ritual, and food as a language of love and care. Through our shared passions, we created Simmer & Bloom; a brand rooted in a love for food as more than something to be consumed. To us, food is wellness, joy, and community. 

Simmer & Bloom was developed amidst a rise in Black Lives Matter protests, the Covid-19 pandemic, the continuation of refugee and humanitarian crises, and the 2020 election. We are committed to act towards these urgent causes through our individual actions and business. As a start, 10% of all Simmer & Bloom tote bag sales will be donated to a different organization each month.

Thank you for joining us on this journey. As we grow as individuals and as a community we are grateful for any feedback you have.